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6 ideas for creating a relaxed style restaurant

Sometimes the smallest details can change the style and pattern of the entire house. Dining chairs are not only practical, but also a great match to highlight the interior style of your house. Here are several practical examples that can decorate your restaurant, and don’t need to be too expensive! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a very beautiful restaurant of your own. Among so many matching tips, which one do you like best?

1. Go buy colorful dining chairs

One thing that can infiltrate a relaxed style into your restaurant is to choose a striking color. Such a change requires the least effort, but can definitely enhance your restaurant’s style taste. There are many colors to choose from, but people often choose white and black. These colors are easy to mix with other materials and styles. You should choose more colors to match them and see if you can add other colors. I recommend gray, you can try it! I like the gray Eames-inspired chair. This is a very classic series. It is not only a piece of furniture, but also an modern art series. The Eames-inspired chair can be easily integrated with the rest of the room and provides a sense of tranquility for all components.


2. Add plants and flowers to your dining room

Another way to save money to improve restaurant quality is to add plants and flowers. Driven by indoor blogs and magazines, there is currently a huge trend, that is, a lot of efforts to make your home and life green. From beautiful potted plants, such as rubber plants, to beautiful colorful words, a little green can make your life more interesting and make your home warmer.

3. Choose eye-catching colorful pendants

Don’t ignore your pendant when trying to create a relaxed style restaurant! Such a simple thing can express the style of your restaurant, and it can also be matched with your dining chair. I like the yellow pendant in the restaurant below, which contrasts sharply with the white Eames dining chair and the white walls. An effortless new twist! Lighting pendants are usually inexpensive, come in a variety of styles and colors, and can be easily changed. If you choose your favorite dining chair, then choosing the right pendant should not be too difficult.


4. Choose different materials for the dining chair

Not only can you focus on the color of the chair, changing the material can also bring a huge change to the restaurant! If you want to create a relaxed style home/restaurant, please carefully consider the materials used. From leather upholstered chairs to metal dining chairs, materials and textures can add a sense of fashion. By the way, you don’t have to be passionate about industrial design for metal chairs! Take a closer look at the restaurant below, the main style here is ‘Bohemian’ rather than industrial. The Tolix-style chair adds a beautiful touch and pops through a metal frame.

5. Use a round dining table

The round dining table looks very elegant and occupies a small space. The fluidity of the room has been significantly improved, which can be seen in the restaurant below. If your house is small and space is limited, then choosing a round dining table is a good decision. The round dining table is usually cheap and is a very good piece of furniture to match the relaxed style of home decoration.


6. Mix and match dining chairs

Finally, why not try a mix and match dining chair? You can keep the rest of the restaurant simple, although the restaurant below does use dining chairs and lighting to show off its style. You don’t need to worry about combining different chairs together. This is not surprising, but one of the characteristics of your restaurant style. So how do you choose a chair? Choose specific colors, such as black and white, or combine chairs with the same material or similar interior style. For example, traditional tavern chairs and thonet-style bent wood chairs can be used well together.

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