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Home Office(1) – Choose a comfortable desk and chair

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During this covid-19 period, our study and work can only be done at home. So, which room in your home will you choose to complete these tasks? Is it curled up at the dining table in the dining room? Or lying on the sofa in the living room?

Whether you are working at home or studying for a degree at home, a quiet dedicated workplace is extremely important to you at this time.

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Choose a comfortable home office desk


In any workplace, the most important part is to have a desk, if you only have a small space, then you should not use a large desk, it will take up the entire room.

At this point, the corner desk may be your ideal choice, because it can be neatly hidden in the corner, leaving no space in the rest of the area. Moreover, if you have almost no available space, then a folding desk is a convenient choice, just pop it up when you need to use it, and then fold it back when you are done.

Remember that you have to consider the work space that Century needs. If you only use a laptop, you can use a small desk with a small space. But if you need a desktop computer, two notepads and a few documents, then a desk with a built-in shelf and larger work space may be a wise choice.

Choose a comfortable home office chair

How can one lack a comfortable office chair with a suitable desk? You need an office chair that sits comfortably, does not numb, but is small enough to fit your new office.

The Eames office chair is a chair created by Chales and Ray Eames in the 1958s. They hope this chair can adapt to the aesthetics of furniture in the mid-19th century.

The frame of the chair is made of aluminum cast as one piece and conceptualized in a similar way to the Eames fiberglass chair. But this design also combines the comfort and smoothness of leather, suitable for office appearance.

The wheels on the legs of the chair also increase its functions. All these functions together create a multifunctional chair that is very suitable for workplaces and home offices.

There are several variants of the Eames office chair. The side chairs with or without armrests are made of chrome alloy aluminum seats, and the seats and backrests are decorated in black leather.

In contrast, the name of the Eames lounge chair is higher than the back of the side chair, and is slightly tilted back, which brings a more casual leisure experience.

The best sitting posture for work

comfortable office Chair

When you sit in the correct posture for work or study, you will no longer feel the chicken soreness as before. My friend gave me some very good advice on sitting posture.

Many people think that sitting at 90 degrees is right, and any posture less than 90 degrees is wrong. Many people believe that even sitting at 90 degrees is wrong, and the correct posture should be between 120 degrees and 130 degrees to prevent back pain.

In fact, you will feel sore if you are forced to sit upright and sit less than 90 degrees. According to my experience, I think that I should sit in a posture of 90 degrees to 120 degrees, which can eliminate back pain for me.

If you think this posture is useless for you, you can also do simple chair exercises to find the most comfortable posture.

Design Ideas for Small Home Office

home office living room

Since not everyone has a spacious house, trying to find an area that can squeeze the desk can be a challenge. From the empty space to the study room for work, this is a great space for transformation. However, if having a spare room is a luxury for you, please try to find the space under the stairs or a corner of the living room.

No matter where you choose to design your office, well-thought-out design is key.First of all, the correct use of paint will create the illusion of space. This is a great way to make a room feel bigger than it actually is, so use splashes of color to create a feature wall or divide some space.

Use light colors on the ceiling and walls to make your mind believe that the space is larger than its size-light pink, lavender and lavender are ideal for illusory room expansion. Make sure you also have a lot of natural light coming in-this will give the room a feeling of “airy” and thus increase the sense of space.

The color scheme itself can not only look great, but it can also help you output. Research shows that shades of blue can have a positive effect on our productivity levels-perfect for your work day. Yellow can change our emotions, red is closely related to the body, and green represents life.

Therefore, your choice of color depends not only on personal preference, but also on the type of work you do. Therefore, if you want to enter a draft quickly, the soft blue room may help you use your brain. Yellow is ideal for creators (such as writers, artists and designers), while green is more suitable for people who work long hours because it evokes a sense of calm without causing fatigue. Red is very suitable for current employees because it can increase your heart rate and arouse your enthusiasm.

To truly maximize space in a small home office design, keep all small decorations and clutter to a minimum. A simple, open space will help you focus and concentrate better and reduce distractions. In other words, please feel free to add something that will not hinder their personal style-wall art is a good starting point. Factories are also very suitable for offices for many reasons, including improving air quality and adding color and life to often dull places.

When you start thinking about a small home office layout, you need to create a practical space. You don’t want to crawl on the table just to sit down. Try to stick to the most basic requirements and set up the room in an accessible way without adding bulky and meaningless items to the room.

The three main items to be stored in an office are chairs, tables and some form of storage unit. Anything after that can be considered optional.

How to turn a small bedroom into a study

home office desk

Turning the extra space upstairs into an office is easier than you initially thought. First, remove all the debris that is already there, then pull out the tape measure and make sure you have all the dimensions you need. This will help you find home office furniture that fits the space perfectly.

Before moving in any electrical appliances, please find the plug socket in your office. If you can’t spread the wires throughout the room, you’d better place the electrical appliances next to the sockets.

After placing the desk and office chair, you can put your photo first, or hang on the wall if your desk space is not enough.

Regardless of whether your space is sufficient, please try to ensure that there are no missing potted plants in your office, because the light green plants will help the room feel natural.

If you often need to participate in video conferences in your company, please make sure that your background wall is good enough.

home office chair

The above is all we bring you! Whether it is a spare room or a small corner of the home, it can become a small home office suitable for you under your ingenious design.

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