What kind of household style won’t go out of style?

Each style has its own specific habits and thinking

Every time when it comes to how to create me red style, we always have to list a lot of matters needing attention. If we only know a little about it, the design works will be broken again and again, and the style is very low. In bed nets, we went out of our way to explain the origin and origin of each style, because the formation of these styles is inseparable from the local climate, landscape, culture, and the appropriate time.

Without really understanding how the locals think, there is no way to bring these styles back to your home

  1. Japanese Style: The Reason for the Japanese style is that the Beauty pursued by the Japanese is wabi-sabi and they prefer natural and simple handmade beauty. Moreover, their culture pays more attention to the beauty of the four seasons in nature. 
  2. Nordic Style: Northern Europe extremely night long natural landscape is rich, and the Nordic region has always had the habit of diy furniture, so the furniture industry in Northern Europe is booming with bold and bright colors. 
  3. European Style: Many old apartments left in the European urban area are directly inherited from the original old decoration, and the aesthetics of different European countries are different, so they cannot be classified under the same European style at all. 
  4. American Style: The United States has a short history of wealth and wealth, and its pursuit of pleasure is inevitably reminiscent of European culture. 
New Chinese Style
A new popular Style of Chinese style in China

Own home, and other people's style has nothing to do with

Countless times we see all kinds of comments: this is too cold warm that color too jumping the element that in ikea too cheap because it’s other people’s things, aesthetic and requirements for others things, word will be to certainly can not adapt to their own needs for their own favorite, is the best part of science and aesthetic sensibility of part of the design as long as reasonable collocation harmony, then the rest of the pure personal preference

Whether everybody's home needs to be designed according to specific style?

Really ask yourself, do you have a strong belief and sufficient financial resources to create a complete stylized home, and not this style?

I know a lot of people who, because of a trip, an exotic experience, even an obsession, want to fully embody the authentic Parisian elegance, Nordic minimalism at home. They in order to maintain the visual purity, aesthetic fastidiously, a door handle all the way from Italy to buy, a kick line is specially customized from the manufacturer.

Of course, this is based on the economy can fully meet the conditions, but, most of us economy can reach this level, in fact, we tend to be the home of the sitting room is the Nordic minimalist, belong to the European style bathroom, the bedroom is American style mixing line design, this is not a bad thing, because we everyone should have a house of his own unique style. 

A dedicated designer of Deco style homes
A dedicated designer of Deco style homes

There is only one style, modernism

For a long time, Design is serving the power, the general public to use things are not design, all by ancestral experience and intuition of the 20th century, break the elite monopoly that everyone can enjoy the good design has become a new trend, was born a new style of modernist style refused to decoration and decoration, put function in the first, put the function into the model of furniture itself, to take advantage of the industrial mass production of low cost, and become the mainstream of the only after the second world war, become the international style of modern style without borders refers to practical waste not not grandiose, doesn’t mean sex cold cold It looks like a hospital and a hotel. 

▲ Some modernist style chairs from the 1920s and 1930s have greatly influenced and defined the style of modern furniture

Now, the mainstream furniture are removed more than decorative parts fuses function and modelling of modernist style furniture, just the furniture of different modelling, and produces different changes and a lot of decorate a company to contemporary and contracted wind from the original intention of modernism, bones or for decoration and decoration, but because of my lack of aesthetic level self-defeating

Postmodern style, need to have a priori conditions

Post-modern style is born as a representative of the modern style, in order to is against laying emphasis on the function and weaken all adornment of modern style, the pure rational pragmatism had different opinions, joined the adornment element, hope out building itself texture on the material and components, such as we often say at ordinary times industrial wind and some ancient building repair regeneration when deliberately exposed beams, are receiving the influence of postmodern style. 

Post-modern style
Post-modern style

But we ordinary people at home will not have a modern style so pure reason, abandon all adornment, also won’t like building components of postmodern style as there are so many building materials texture shows, in plain English is the modern and post-modern style of neutralization, however, we are still in the largest sense to accept the stress function and practical thoughts in modern style: on the basis of meet the function, to add proper decoration, is in conformity with the ordinary people’s style. 

Choose the furniture and then determine the home decoration style

The decoration and building styles are generally the same, but there are still differences in subtle areas. The same is true for furniture.


Northern Europe prefers bright colors and geometric patterns. American furniture is bulky and emphasizes comfort, Western Europe emphasizes design and refinement, and Japanese furniture is low and elegant in color.


However, they are all modernist styles-emphasizing function and weakening meaningless decoration.

Modern Style
Modern style

Correspondingly, there will be differences in the color of the wall and the choice of floor materials, so that the combination is more harmonious. In view of the fact that domestic furniture is not competitive enough, our furniture does not yet have some unique characteristics. We can refer to some other regions in the furniture hardening, but there is no need to copy it all.

It is the easiest way to install it and you can’t go wrong. If you are really uncertain, choose the basic model without patterns. If you like the furniture decoration, just see if it can be matched with each other. If it looks good, this is your home style.

Rather than talking about “simple European” and “American style” in vague terms, it is better to show the designer your favorite furniture and tell him what colors, materials, and patterns you like, which are closer to your favorite home. 

Style is just a way for designers to roughly understand customers’ preferences; now we have mobile phones, and we can give designers a more intuitive understanding of the styles we like at any time.

Regardless of the house size, life habits, or anything else, just ask what style you like. Are all non-professional designers who cheat money. 

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