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In this special period,how can we prepare to live more comfortably at home?

Our needs are linked to our emotions, and they are affected by our surrounding environment. The epidemic we live in has strengthened some of our feelings and shaken our priorities. Jayeanna Mize, vice president of home furnishing, Carrera, cultural editor consumer insight strategist, and Charlotte Delobel, leading fashion company Paolo fists (Charlotte), driving this crisis and our new needs: anxiety and gratitude, loneliness and motivation, fear and sympathy, confusion and clarity.

They issued an analysis report. In September of this year, the objet digital fair held a seminar titled “Consumer’s New Demand After Predicting Information and Intuition: Covo19”. Based on extensive data from news reports to keywords, hashtags, searches, product sales, etc., speakers are transformed into new needs for these emotional needs, and good design is a new part to determine how to deal with this.

1. Multipurpose Rooms

The house is no longer just a house. Due to the pandemic and blockade, it has become a leisure place that serves as an office, school, gym, playground, restaurant, dormitory and hiding place. Therefore, modular and adaptable elements need to become more flexible today. This epidemic has given consumers a deep understanding of their needs. So we really prioritize projects that can adapt to various situations. “
I started looking for furniture and accessories that can work and play in the same space. Hybrid design, movable units, and convertible parts are the keys to making the house fit the “new normal”.

2. Clean Indoor Air and Water

Prior to covod-19, people’s awareness of the importance of healthy air had increased, but now, as time at home increases, this is indeed a priority. Homeowners should look for every possible way to improve indoor air quality, such as VOC and other pollutants that will not be emitted, sensors to monitor air quality, air cleanliness, and so on. Mr. Mize said: “In fact, we are studying many filtration systems built like ecosystems, which turn the outdoors into indoors.” This also applies to the filtration of our drinking and bathing water.

3. Disinfection products and materials

Indoor hygiene is another big topic. At home, many of us will re-evaluate our daily habits and make them healthy and hygienic… Due to the high demand for disinfection, this is one of the biggest areas where innovation can be seen.
It includes a solution for disinfecting clothes, such as a wardrobe closet. Antibacterial and fabric for children and bedding. Soap that will change color after washing your hands for a long time. Furniture with self-disinfection function, such as door handles.
There is also a new approach that emphasizes non-contact, which can prevent bacteria from multiplying on specific surfaces or limit their growth in the home.

4. Restful Environments

Our home is our refuge. When the battery can be recharged, we must engage in comfortable exercise, Miz said
It emphasizes sleep, which is the most important decoration. Technology helps protect the immune system by providing quality sleep, digesting daily emotions and helping to protect the immune system, such as sleep, breathing door, and air isolation. Mize said: “People will find more functions in their daily sleep habits.”

5. Areas for Wellness Activities

In a turbulent era, health is usually the most important thing. In this sense, both physically and emotionally, experts have found that we are now more inclined to ourselves. “The whole culture has become a treasure of healing and happiness,” Kurnik said.
One of the signs of this phenomenon is people’s attention to medical care. He has the following statement: “People no longer like to see beautiful photos with festive atmosphere and expensive food.
Such lucky exploration projects include anti-pollution, waterproof, heating and anti-olfactory products, and can also be used for sports and other activities, while focusing on flexible machinery and furniture to cope with household daily consumption and physical activities.

6. Mood-Boosting Interiors

Few long-anticipated events were cancelled, and the embargo lasted for several months, weakening our morale. Domestic work can also cause stress, destroy the boundaries between work and personal life, and sometimes make us work long. This brings a small emotion to our family and helps us to stay away from the new reality of daily life.
“Consumers will wear their belts, but you can take them home and enjoy these colorful moments of happiness. Welcome to meet exciting shopping, joy and colorful products as soon as possible, and have fun as soon as possible. It makes everyone feel good. For example, experts pointed out that the number of searches for mercury and ukuku has surged.

7. Resilient Products

After all, the current climate turbulence, security and resilience need to be strengthened. “People always stay at home and use their products often. Trusting these products is the key, Mitz said. Unlike products in recent decades, some products are not designed to be durable for a long time. For example, durable goods must be patient and able to Protect against fire or serious disasters. Compared with this product, sunscreen products are usually sunscreen.

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