How to match the best chair & ottoman?

Due to its unique style, the ottoman has become one of the most versatile furniture in the family. When the ottoman is used as a multifunctional coffee table, it can bring a relaxed and comfortable feeling to your living room design. From twisted coffee tables to design-savvy storage solutions (or intermediate locations), there are multiple ways to make the most of everything in the living room, especially for people with limited space.

When buying a multi-purpose footstool, there are three main factors to consider: shape, storage, and style.

Ottoman shape (and size)

All things considered, ottomans may not be the first thing you buy when renovating your house. Finding the right stool depends on the rest of your furniture, especially when it doubles as a coffee table. When you start your search, be sure to put the location and size of your space and other furniture first.

When looking for a multi-purpose footstool, height is another factor to consider. The height of the footrest should be within 4 inches of the sofa or chair used. More or less, the footstool will sit or rest on your feet uncomfortably.

There are many ways to style the footstool, but it is important to have a flat surface when using it as a coffee table. Pillows and cushions are impossible.

Storage footstool


Resting your feet or sitting down is another benefit of life on a footstool, but most people will use this approach to achieve stealth storage solutions. Many footstools can be folded and opened, providing a storage compartment for blankets, pillows and other places you need to reach, but not visible.

If you are not forced to store, then a light stool without internal storage is more suitable. There is no need to lift the lid to access the storage space. These styles can often double as a coffee table more effectively, and can also be transported to other areas of the home to increase seating.

When placing drinks, food or decorations on the ottoman, keeping the tray is always a good idea, especially for tufted surfaces.

Ottoman style


After understanding the shape and function requirements, it is time to consider style. Your low stool does not necessarily need to match your furniture, but it should be consistent with your style. You can use this as an opportunity to use the footstool as a statement of personality, or to cater to classic and modern aesthetics with a refined appearance.

Now more than ever, it is important to think about how you want to use the surface of the footrest. If you plan to use an upholstered stool as a coffee table, choose a smooth fabric with less fluff to avoid uneven surfaces.

At last

A perfect footstool is not only to set off the style of the home, but more importantly, its practical function.

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