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How to use hanging egg chair bunnings in home design?

Hanging chairs are now a kind of furniture that is very popular among young people. Its main audience is teenagers and children, but it is also very popular among adults. Generally speaking, swinging the body can quickly relax the whole body, and the design of the hanging chair is destined to be a relaxing and comfortable furniture.Regardless of the functionality of the chair, the aesthetic value of the chair itself is also very high.

The history of hanging chairs

The hanging chair was born in the 60s. The most popular furniture chair of the era is the famous classic bubble chair. The bubble chair was designed by a Finnish designer in 1968. The bubble chair is made of transparent material.

The chair is connected to the ceiling by a metal chain. The entire chair is suspended in the air, looking like floating foam.

The hanging chair has been popular since its inception, and was subsequently transformed with different shapes and materials. It is scientifically proven that rocking exercises can relax muscles, help fall asleep and stimulate deep sleep.

The hanging chair is very comfortable and equipped with cushions and mattresses. After a long and stressful day, a night with a book or a cup of tea in such a chair is an ideal way to relax.

Hanging chairs are ideal decorative elements for many types of interior design. This kind of furniture is characterized by multiple shapes, colors and materials suitable for interior design, and a wide range of options. The hanging chair is ideal for any Scandinavian and minimalist room.

How to choose the best hanging chair?

There are many types of hanging chairs, and designers are constantly designing and creating more new forms. The main difference between this kind of furniture is the appearance and structure.

When choosing the right object, please consider your own needs and the purpose of the chair. Most furniture stores will provide the following products:

Ceiling chair

This is the most attractive type. The seat is suspended on a hook fixed to the ceiling and linked by an iron chain. This type allows the user to exercise in all directions. There are wide and narrow models, you can choose the model that suits your needs.

Hanging chair with bracket

This type of hanging chair is easy to move.The seat was suspended from a shelf placed on the floor. It is much smaller than the ceiling-mounted version. In places with limited space, this is a great advantage.

Although this type of hanging chair has a small range of motion, it is compensated by being very easy to install. To install the ceiling version, you must first make a hole in the ceiling. This is not an easy job, so you may need to hire a professional worker to help you complete it. And even a 13-year-old child can easily assemble the hanging chair with stand!

The material of the hanging chair

Shape is not the only criterion you need to pay attention to. A hanging chair can be made of multiple materials. The original bubble chair was made of acrylic, stainless steel frame and leather electronics. The most commonly used materials are:

Rattan: The rattan structure is very decorative. Although it is not waterproof, it is a durable and environmentally friendly material. Therefore, woven furniture should not be placed outdoors unless you apply varnish on the parts.

PE rattan: Except that PE rattan is not a natural material, all other aspects are due to the rattan structure. Natural rattan can not be placed outdoors because it is not waterproof, and PE rattan just fills up this shortcoming.

Wood: This material is heavier than other materials. It is a good choice for those who like natural materials.

Plastic: Plastic hanging chairs have a variety of designs. You should be careful not to observe it because any markings are very obvious and difficult to remove. In addition, the plastic hanging chair has the advantage that it is easy to clean.

Fabric: Fabric is most commonly used in hammock production. The most popular fabrics are cotton and linen. There is a similar solution, a hanging chair made of twine.

Metal: A metal hanging chair made of durable mesh. The most common metal used for this purpose is aluminum.

The choice of material depends on the purpose of your chair. If you want to place the hanging chair outside, choose a material that can withstand weather conditions. You should also consider the overall design of the room. The popular Scandinavian style uses wood, fabric and woven hanging chairs.

Natural rattan chairs are a good element of country style. The modern minimalist style can perfectly match with simple geometric shapes of plastic or metal hanging chairs.

How to place the hanging chair?

If you decide to buy a hanging chair, make sure you have enough space in your house to place it. If you are buying a ceiling hanging chair, please install it in a spacious room to avoid obstruction to movement. Please ensure that the ceiling is of good quality.In addition, the hanging chair should be placed away from windows and other objects.

The space occupied by a hanging chair with a bracket will be greatly reduced. Due to its structure, the chair movement can only swing slightly, so it will not have the risk of colliding with other furniture.Another advantage is that it can be moved at any time.

In addition, if there are children in your home, I suggest you buy a hanging chair with a bracket, because the height of the suspension will not be too high and there is no risk of injury.

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