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How to reasonably match chairs made of rattan, wicker, and other materials to the outdoors

Rattan Furniture

This summer, bid farewell to the previous terrace and redesign a layered outdoor space. How to achieve this custom appearance in your own home? The key is to master the matching outdoor furniture and choose the right materials. For many outdoor projects, patio furniture is used at the end to achieve mixed materials.

There are 5 ways to make you a perfect mix of  rattan and wicker chairs:

I like to learn the decoration of my favorite designer just to draw inspiration from it when it comes to outdoor spaces. Most people like to mix and match outdoor furniture on the porch or terrace to create the same layered appearance of the indoor space. If you are not sure where to start, we have the 5 best terraces inspired by other designers, perfect for displaying all kinds of materials!

1. Master mix

woven furniture in terrace

This bold look requires expert layering. When designing this transitional terrace, several designers combined the traditional pick and bold aluminum to create a unique appearance.

As with indoor furniture, in patio furniture, I like to mix various collections together to get a more high-end appearance. I chose to use the slate-gray aluminum finish with some woven texture ornaments to make the design fresh and unique. In addition, I personally prefer to use lighter cushions for patio furniture, because like dark floors, darker cushions will show all the dust, and actually look dirtier than lighter cushions.

2. Monochrome

Some people may call it “matchy-matchy”, but I prefer monochrome. Choose items of the same tone with slightly different shades to create a smooth color gradient like silk. If you get it right, this timbre trend is by no means monotonous. Use luxurious fabrics, rich texture and delicate patterns to attract attention.

We like to use wooden furniture together to create a worry-free appearance, which can withstand elements and add eclectic color to this kind of terrace design.

3. Bring indoors

One of the fastest ways to improve terrace space is furniture that combines the elegance of indoor furniture with the durability of outdoor furniture. The stylish terrace has details traditionally found indoors, including tailor-made plain clothes and cane details. Forget about the style of matching, everything is mixed when creating a cohesive arrangement!

We mix the lounge chair and the title lounge chair together to create a high-end designer style for the Houston terrace space.

4. Natural weaving

From interior design to fashion, weaving materials are very important this year, and we can fully participate in it! This beautiful trend is suitable for almost all style categories, so whether you are bohemian, traditional, or minimalist, there is a way to incorporate a little texture into your life. Want to spice it up? Add another natural texture, such as rattan! Rattan is an excellent material to mix with wicker furniture because they are timeless and perfectly blended together.

We love this use of rustic wicker sofas and lounge chairs to create this timeless southern courtyard design.

5. Sleek and exquisite

Mix outdoor style

Are you ready to dip your toes into a mix and match outdoor style? Please match one or two different finishes first. If you are still hesitant, please use a color palette that has been tested in practice, such as white/beige, gray/black or black/white. Feeling too fancy? Add metal finishes, such as a brass coffee table or a stainless steel lounge chair.

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