The importance of decorative colors

Bright Family Room

Color can add vitality to interior decoration, so many of us are looking forward to the development trend of interior color. With the color selection of mainstream paint companies, color prediction has laid a firm foundation for the freshest colors in fashion and design.

If you have been paying attention to color, Classic Blue, which is a kind of “eternal and lasting blue”, implies the “dusk sky”. This familiar and reassuring tone guarantees “a reliable and stable foundation that we can build when we enter the threshold of a new era.”

In the past, color standards have been defined and the best color of the year has been selected. So design and sociology expert groups got together to predict the hot colors that can reflect the colors, current design ideas and the development direction of popular culture. They studied everything from trade shows to popular tourist destinations, and also studied the colors used by fashion designers on fashion shows and came to this conclusion.

Everyone knows that colors have meaning. The best color of the year is partly marketing and partly self-fulfilling prophecies. But what is certain is that this year’s menu is based on its versatility and calming effect. In a sense, Classic Blue is the ideal choice for your home.

If there are signs in the past few years, we are likely to see many manufacturers offering a variety of accessories in classic blue, from vases to household items to lamps. Bringing color into your home, whether it is a carpet or a sofa, is a way to keep your house fresh and visually updated.

So what are other indoor color trends? Other companies (especially paint manufacturers) that have their own unique methods in the field of interior design have also joined the prediction game. But each manufacturer’s prediction of color trends is slightly different. Some of them are forecast based on the sales volume of paint colors. As interior design lags behind the fashion industry, this year’s home color also reflects the color trend of the autumn fashion show. The following three colors were selected: Back to Nature, which is a grass-green, environmentally attractive, reflecting the popular trend of indoor plants; the first light, a soft rosy pink. People see the “Light of Hope” full of hope, warmth, and almost neutral. The purpose is to commemorate the new beginning of the new decade;

Naval, a deep navy blue similar to classic blue. It was chosen to reflect health, peace and eternity.

The “color of the year” is useful to help determine the colors you might like and want to pair with. These bright colors inspire the style of home interior decoration and may “bring in” colors you might not have thought of. The reason for the beauty of classic blue is in its name-it is a “classic” and should not be outdated like other popular shades. Therefore, if you like it, please continue to choose furniture made in this color. This special hue captures light and creates contrast in a way that complements textures such as velvet or leather. Sprinkle embellishment colors to make the pillows, carpets, lamps or artwork in the room full of colors. You can also use it to spray wash basins or cabinets, or even paint the entire family.

Neutrality has always been very popular. The color of the year reminds us that color affects our lives, thoughts and concepts. Why not embrace some colors at home?

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