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The most comprehensive guide to leather sofa recliners

Leather sofa recliner is a kind of furniture that has been popular for many years. Many chairs we are very familiar with belong to this series, such as lounge sofas and lounge chairs. In the past, recliners were designed for comfortable furniture, which means that their appearance is not fashionable, and it can even be said to be far from fashionable.

But now, the introduction of luxury furniture has redefined the design of recliners. Unprecedented choice, not only can provide great comfort, but also provide luxurious style, making it an excellent complement to your perfectly designed home.

Tips when buying leather sofa recliners

The key elements to remember when buying a leather sofa recliner are style, strength and customization. Check these and some other important information to consider buying other furniture next time:

Room size

It is important to choose the furniture that suits your home. If the furniture takes up a lot of space, it will make it difficult for you to move in the room, but if there is not enough furniture to decorate the room, it will appear empty and sparse.

If it is determined whether the furniture is suitable for the room?

First you need to determine the size of your room. Use a tape measure to determine the size of the room, and use the room planner function to visualize your room, the furniture and decorations in the room, this is the best way to make your room perfect.

But if you don’t understand this knowledge, you won’t know how to use a room planner, and you don’t know where the furniture should be placed is the perfect location. Then we suggest that you better leave it to professional personnel to complete this step.

Regular or extra large

The recliners come in different sizes and can accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. Comfort is the main reason why we buy recliners, so please choose the leather sofa recliner that best suits your height, body type, and you feel most comfortable.

For example, if it is difficult to find a tall person of the right size when buying clothes, we provide extra-large leather sofa recliners.

Types of leather sofa recliners to consider

What is your design style? Are you decorating an interesting and relaxing living room, or are you focusing more energy on the exquisite appearance? Do you want to add a software recliner, or are you looking for an entire room with a leather sofa recliner or modular sofa or love seat? According to your needs and style, you can consider the following different leather sofa recliner options:


The recliners we provide can be used with other seats, but they are as effective as the other seats in smaller rooms. A major feature of the recliner is personal comfort. Everyone has space to lean back, stretch and relax in their own space.

Leather sofa

Each leather sofa can accommodate two or more seats, and there is enough space to stretch or keep close enough to share a blanket or remote control. Your leather sofa will ensure the appearance of a traditional sofa.

Custom leather sofa recliner

If none of the leather sofa recliners on the market can meet your requirements, then you can choose to customize a special product, but when customizing, you must not miss the following requirements:

1. The type of upholstery fabric or leather to consider

When you buy upholstered furniture, keep your family, lifestyle and cleaning needs in mind. Our design experts are the most useful source of information. If you have any questions, we are always available to help you.

There are hundreds of texture choices for fabrics and leathers, and different design styles should be matched. The surface treatment options and nail head options of the sofa should also be selected appropriately, so that you can customize the perfect sofa according to your own style.

2. Natural fiber and synthetic fiber

When choosing a recliner material, it is helpful to consider whether to use natural or synthetic fiber materials. Both have advantages, depending on your needs. The natural fiber interior fabric is durable and breathable.

Leather is also a natural material, known for its quality to add warmth and stability to the room. This material adds beauty and texture to complement the elements in your room. Synthetic fibers can imitate natural fiber fabrics and produce unique new textures.

Microfiber is an example of a durable synthetic material that can provide cute, durable recliner options.

3. Leather sofa recliner base and armrest style

When you are looking for reclining furniture, simple things can greatly change the appearance of your furniture. The base of the leather sofa recliner has a rocking and rotating sliding style.

The rocker is a great choice for swinging and relaxing back and forth movement. If you are looking for a movable recliner, the rotatable sliding base allows you to turn the chair without getting up or stepping on the floor.

In addition, the leather sofa recliner has many different styles of armrests, which include rolling armrests, crawler armrests, fan-shaped armrests or transitional armrests.

At last

The manufacturing method of a piece of furniture can make years of difference. High-quality furniture is a durable heirloom.

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