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What is the modern furniture?

This is a mistake that people often make. Contemporary furniture and modern furniture are not the same thing. To be precise, not exactly. Each style is the result of receiving different influences at different times. Although the two are often confused by people now, it is understandable.

What are the characteristics of modern furniture styles?

Eames Lounge Chair

Modern furniture refers to a specific style of furniture design: the modernist movement first started in the Bauhaus School of Design in the 1900s, and these designs were a betrayal of the previous gorgeous furniture design. When you think of the decorative design style, look at all their popular decorations and flip all of them, and you can get the purest modernism.

The style of modernism is very common, and its main principles include:

1. Simple to extreme design
2. Smooth surface
3. Clean and straight
4. Warm neutral colors, vivid colors
5. Use wood and metal materials more

The modern design movement throughout the mid-century remained popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

However, contemporary furniture has not undergone a similar movement of specific design styles. Modern furniture is mixed with many contemporary designs, and the boundary between the two is very blurred. Therefore, we confuse modern design with contemporary design, which is completely understandable. Mid-century modern furniture (such as Barcelona chairs, and Eames lounge chairs) is still a favorite of many families. Both contain the ultimate minimalist style, and neither has a gorgeous or chaotic appearance.

The difference between contemporary furniture and modern furniture

Barcelona Chair

1. Use of lines

One of the biggest differences between contemporary furniture and modern furniture is the use of lines. Due to the rise of modern furniture activities in the early 19th century, limited by the technology of the time, only straight lines were used in the design of modern furniture. However, because of the rise in technology, contemporary furniture will add some curved lines to the design summary.

2. Use of colors

The colors between the two are also different. Nowadays, furniture is relatively simple in the use of colors, usually in monochrome, while contemporary furniture is influenced by the bold contemporary atmosphere, and the use of colors is eclectic. If the color of the furniture you are using in your home is more unrestrained, then it is most likely the style of contemporary furniture.

From this aspect, it seems that modern furniture is more concise than contemporary furniture.

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