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Which is the best office chair material, leather or fabric?

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When we select office furniture, we often consider visual aesthetics first, followed by comfort, functionality and other aspects.

In fact, the value of an office chair is often not in its aesthetic value, but in its functionality and comfort, which often depends on the quality of its materials.

Leather and artificial leather

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If the material causes the skin to stick to it or become exuberant, it may cause health problems for you. Although leather and artificial leather have a stickiness factor, their smooth texture and softness of leather can minimize scratches.

In addition, you need to consider the dress code. If your employees tend to wear long pants, stickiness may not be a problem.

Office chairs are more about the composition of the cushions, whether it is sponge or silk, each has its own shortcomings.

The sponge has a longer service life, has a low possibility of deformation under pressure, and is good for cleaning. Silk floss tends to be more comfortable, but it may flatten over time and eventually the comfort will gradually disappear.Good quality padding in the leather will extend the support structure of the chair.

Leather, artificial leather and vinyl materials are relatively easy to keep clean, usually just a swipe with a wet towel. However, office chairs made of leather or artificial leather have seams, which are very difficult to clean.



Like leather materials, fabric is one of the good choices for skin-friendly materials. It can stretch as a backrest to provide support for the chair. The blend of fabrics and fibers of various colors provides a series of visually pleasing choices. .
Like leather products, fabric chairs provide as much support as the cushions they cover.

However, the cleaning of fabric chairs is a thorny issue.

Fabrics cannot usually be removed from the chair for cleaning, although they often do not have the stitches of leather. However, if the spilled beverage is not cleaned in time, mold may become a problem, thereby shortening the overall service life of the chair.


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As far as I have seen most often, mesh is the breathable choice of office chairs in most offices. This design does not tend to stick to the skin and has a variety of unique designs.

However, low-quality meshes have individual fibers that can split and wear, which can be the most uncomfortable design.

Grids can be used to cover cushions, stretched on plastic or metal frames, or used as suspension supports, so there is a wide range of ergonomic grid options.

It can also be quite malleable, from basic styling to the way of wrapping the body, almost everything can provide customized services.
Unfortunately, keeping the mesh office chair clean is difficult because the tiny grooves prevent the material from keeping the mesh clean and change its elasticity. Therefore, if it is not properly taken care of, it is easy to damage quickly.

As with any chair, the higher the quality you choose, the longer it lasts. However, there is a disadvantage of grid stretching. The frame of the grid will gradually stretch until the chair is damaged over time.

Therefore, before buying, please check the mesh quality and keep the overall service life in mind.

Plastic or wood

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The surface of these materials is not easily scratched, but as the smoothest option, they will be coated with glue. They are also the easiest to add electronics, so they are not so unacceptable to use in office chair materials.

Wooden and plastic seats and seat backs may not be the softest options, but thanks to their unique design, their comfort level will not decrease too much.

The rigidity of their materials encourages you to adjust to a proper sitting posture, and they will never deform. They are also very convenient to clean, just wipe the spill with a little softening grease and a damp cloth.

The best function of plastic or wood? They will last forever, and if your chair is customized to your specific size, it may become the last office chair you buy.


Your seat is where you spend most of the day. Keeping these tips in mind will help you choose the best office chair material for you or your employees. In the end you get not only beautiful chairs, but more durable functions, and your employees will thank you for remembering their comfort.

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