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Why do we choose replica furniture?

Why do we choose to replica furniture?

replica furniture

What is the replica furniture?

“The items produced by replica furniture companies are typically produced to the same, or very similar, designs as the original products. Sometimes there will be differences with materials and dimensions. They are typically sold at a much lower price-point than products from original manufacturers and dealers such as Skandium and Vitra. This is usually because many replica companies are solely online businesses, hence do not pay showroom costs and many also manufacture their furniture abroad.” –by wikipedia

So, the design of  replica furniture is exactly the same as that of genuine furniture. The only difference is that imitation furniture is not authorized by the original manufacturer and distributor, so it is only replica furniture.

Will buying replica furniture violate the law?

We can tell you with certainty, no!

At least in the laws of various states in the United States, there is no legal clause that says that buying fake furniture will violate the law, at least not now.Even in the UK, imitation furniture is protected by law (of course, the law has now changed).However, in any case, there is no legal provision that clearly states that buying replica products will constitute a violation of the law!

Therefore, we can ask you to rest assured to shop on furnitureretro.com and enjoy the excellent shopping experience we provide you.

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How to buy replica furniture?

Replica furniture is generally only sold online, so some replica sites will allow shoppers to bear part of the high logistics costs, but any goods purchased on furnitureretro.com are free shipping! Not only that, when you purchase products on furnitureretro.com, you will also enjoy one-to-one manual customer service, so you can avoid the trouble of finding someone to solve the problem on amazon.

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Compared with unnamed furniture

Unnamed furniture is cheaper than imitation furniture, but low-cost materials and poor after-sales service may make this piece of furniture have a very short lifespan!More importantly, the appearance of replica furniture is exactly the same as the design works of the designer, while the appearance of the off-brand furniture is not designed. If the appearance of furniture cannot achieve the purpose of decorating the home, then this is a failure of furniture.

Why do we choose to replica furniture?​

Before we discuss this issue, let’s enumerate the advantages of replica furniture.

1.The appearance of the imitation is undoubtedly exactly the same as the original

2.Most imitations use the same material as the genuine product

3.Imitations will only be sold online, so you don’t need to worry about how to bring huge furniture home

4.One-to-one manual service

5.Material quality, appearance and after-sales guarantee are better than unnamed furniture

6.The price of replica products is less than one-tenth of that of genuine products!

Compared with expensive genuine furniture, cheap imitation furniture is very attractive. 

At last, I don’t know if you will have this kind of trouble. When you move, large pieces of furniture take up a lot of space, and the expensive price of furniture makes you have to move it carefully.If this is a cheap imitation furniture, you don’t even need to move it.

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